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About us

With the purpose of creating treasured garments, hand-crafted from dead-stock and locally manufactured fabrics, free from limitations of trend, form or gender; TIMBU was founded.

Our identity is rooted in the Mediterranean, where contemporary and classic coexist in a pure yet imperfect way.

Each ‘edition’ is unbounded by the typical seasons of the industry, and tells a continuous story of simple pleasures, bold expression and the timeless beauty in minimalism.

Editions are always limited, allowing us to produce mindfully and reduce waste.

Every element is handcrafted, with gentle care and deep respect for the traditional process.

Maintaining small-scale production allows us to collaborate with local workshops to explore both original techniques and emerging methods.

At Timbu we are exploring and playing with contrasts of bold and delicate, classic and contemporary, minimal and iconic.

Through our creations, we revisit the refined charm and elegant beauty of mediterranean style, appreciate traditional craft and modern art and embrace the unrefined beauty of nature.



The first edition of Timbu takes us on a journey to the south of the Mediterranean.

A warm palette resembles the sun-kissed, arid landscape, where white-washed walls and earthy tones are only interrupted by flashes of color from the wild flowers and the gentle blue hues of the sea.

With clean lines and use of natural fibers of linen and cotton, this edition embodies the beauty in minimalism, and the simple pleasures of life.

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